Website Redesign

The team right now is completely redesigning the color scheme and websites for our product!  Our theme was getting pretty old and was just generally not in the spirit of the direction we wanted to take the product!  Right now, our website theme for Mantaray AR looks like:




This theme was created back when we were in our original prototype stage and we wanted a look that screamed: “we are a technology company!”  We’ve come a long way since then, and we want to make it clear that these products are for non-tech savvy people!


So what are the steps involved in redesign?  Well…


1. Decide What Direction You Want To Take

We originally wanted to showcase our technology when we were first designing the website and the prototype.  Now that we’ve started asking around and discovered who our audience is, we have a better understanding of the direction we want to take the company. 

2. Decide Who Your Audience Is

Once we’ve done some customer interviews and developed prototypes of the product, we were able to better grasp who would be interested in our educational software. 

3.  Design Your Website So That Your Audience Will Like It

Once we understood that we would have two very distinct audiences — teachers and students — we needed a way for our website to appeal to both.  And as is, our website appealed to neither.  So we’ve begun to change that: brainstorming, looking at different websites, getting a sense of our color scheme, doing some rough sketches, and finally starting a new design!


Stay tuned for the new theme that we’ll be implementing on Mantaray AR!

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