What is Augmented Reality?

When we pitch what we do to people, a lot of the time people ask us, “What is Augmented Reality exactly?”

And that’s a pretty important question to answer to fully understand what we do here at Mantaray AR.

What is augmented reality in education?

Augmented reality is “a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view” (Google Search).  At Mantaray AR, we use Augmented Reality in the following way: we superimpose 3D models and graphics on top of a live video stream, providing an immersive experience for improved learning.

People ask us, “Why use augmented reality?”  Studies have found that Augmented Reality improves the learning experience through embodied cognition, retention, along with improved understanding. In fact, on our website (www.mantarayar.com), we provide a source for improved understanding on our front page:

 Children who use their hands to gesture during a math lesson gain a deep understanding of the problems they are taught (Jann Ingmire @ UChicagoNews).

Mantaray AR focuses on making sure that we teach as well as engage students in the material they are learning.

Augmented Reality helps us achieve this goal since it changes students from passive listeners to being actively engaged in the educational process.

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