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June 12, 2014
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Ivan Montiel

Mantaray AR LLC Celebrates The Prefundia Launch of Paugme

Mantaray AR LLC Creates Augmented Reality App for Children with Autism

Tempe, AZ: We are proud to announce our mobile application called Paugme that focuses on teaching empathy concepts to those with autism. We are focusing on helping elementary and middle school aged children learn how to identify, categorize, and react to typical emotions.

Often, those with autism have a hard time gauging other’s feelings. We want to use Paugme as a next generation teaching tool that helps recognize and respond to facial expressions and feelings.

Paugme is a mobile application that will use the immersive and retentive properties of Augmented Reality to help teach children with autism empathy through interaction and gameplay.

For more information, including prototype screenshots and downloads to the prototype for Android and iOS, please check out our website at as well as our Prefundia page at


April 30, 2014
(602) 635-0272
Ivan Montiel

Mantaray AR LLC Celebrates Their Initial Beta Release

Mantaray AR LLC Creates Augmented Reality App for Teachers and Students

Tempe, AZ: Today, Mantaray AR LLC, a software company specializing in augmented reality for teaching educational subjects, announced that they have released their public beta of their flagship augmented reality software suite, Mantaray AR Unlimited.  This software suite focuses on bringing powerful and user-friendly online tools to teachers that enables them to create custom augmented reality experiences for mobile devices.

Of the company’s recent successful launch,  Dr. Quincy Conley, Assistant Professor at Boise State University, states, “Mantaray AR is a new way of providing engaging learning experiences for students.  It is a fantastic way to teach by augmenting an already existing physical space like a classroom with virtual concepts to extend the boundaries of a textbook.”

About Mantaray AR LLC: Mantaray AR LLC is a software company based in Tempe, AZ.  Founded in 2013, Mantaray AR has designed, created, and distributed augmented reality applications for various purposes, including teaching and research.

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